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Corporate Training

Digital transformation is impacting products, markets and customers are exposed to risk from competitors. Our industry-led training gives managers and teams the accelerated and practical knowledge and skills to really help them learn and to harness the benefits of new and emerging technologies and develop talent. We deliver the following accelerated suite of 1 and 2-day masterclasses customised to our clients business and industry needs, these include; Executive Mindset, AI Ready, Digital Transformers, Business of Data, Data Visualisation, Leading People in a Digital World.

Our track record of working with established and scaling companies across Europe means that we know what it takes to deliver the most in-demand digital skills so that teams can adapt and respond better. This includes companies as diverse as Disney, Cartier, Vodafone and Cisco and in the Irish market this includes management teams from banking, pharma and the public sector.

Why Choose Talent Garden

Our training is an opportunity to develop essential digital and leadership capabilities across teams and for managers to keep their ear to the ground regarding innovations and attracting top talent within our wider coworking community. 

We work with organisations that have established corporate training programmes and with those who are starting out. We are open to sharing our insights and experiences and to help managers and teams define and shape their own training plans. 


Our Training Programmes
Executive Mindset
Executive Mindset is a bold new course with a bolder aim; to enhance and bring about a positive change in thinking and behaviour among managers who lead and want to build more creative and collaborative teams in an ultra-competitive digital world. This immersive course takes executives on a deep-dive into the theory & practice of developing a more authentic leadership mindset, motivating high-performance teams and having a greater impact through enhancing your communication skills.
AI Ready
Our AI Ready Masterclass takes a no-nonsense and non-jargon view of how AI will really impact and transform business. This hard-hitting course covers key developments in AI innovation, value chain and practical applications. It also workshops how to develop an AI strategy in order to take your organisation to the next level and make it AI Ready.
Storytelling with Data Visualisation
No matter what size of the business, there is an increasing need to extract value from data investments. This unique Data Visualisation masterclass introduces participants to new technology tools and techniques that deliver state-of-the-art data visualisations quickly and easily. We demonstrate best practice, top design patterns and a workflow that takes you from raw data to impressive visuals.
Business of Data
Data is crucial to modern business and mistakes in the field can be incredibly costly. The Business of Data is a hands-on data masterclass which equips participants with new technical skills and knowledge to align their data analytics functions with core business objectives and deliver greater value to their organisation.
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1-day Masterclasses

These can be scheduled throughout the year or in a block depending on requirements.

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