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Data visualisation is having a big impact on the corporate world. No matter what size of business, there is an increasing need to communicate with data whether it’s a report at the end of the month, a pitch deck, or the design of an online dashboard.

This unique Data Visualisation Masterclass introduces participants to new technical tools and techniques that can deliver state-of- the-art data visualisations quickly and easily. We demonstrate best practice, top design patterns and a workflow that takes you from raw data to impressive visuals.

This combination of art and business has developed rapidly in terms of both tools and theory. As far back as the 1850s, Florence Nightingale’s work as a statistician changed the world with one chart; a data visualisation of preventable deaths. This resulted in the allocation of resources for helping the sick and saved many lives.

Today, technology has advanced to help us deliver even more impact with data, and throughout the masterclass, participants will learn how to use new tools such as Charticulator and Data Illustrator to be able to do this. These skills are vital for reports, pitch decks, dashboard design, and any other situation where numerical data needs to be communicated clearly and persuasively.


This masterclass is for companies and individuals who need to find value in their big data investment. Participants will learn from seasoned, award-winning industry experts who will demonstrate how to create well-crafted data visualisations, that can be used in your own work immediately.

It is not necessary to have a technical background in data analysis to benefit from this course.

We will be introducing new technical tools from an assumption of no prior knowledge, so it will suit:

  • Leaders and managers across all industries who need to communicate value within their organisations and to stakeholders.
  • Creative professionals who want an edge when communicating with data.
  • Students, researchers and lecturers who want to add flair to their study or teaching style.
  • Anyone with a passion for data who is looking to expand their own data visualisation toolbox.
Learn best practices and gain valuable industry insights and tips
Develop impressive static data visualisations at speed, using new tools such as Charticulator and DataIllustrator
Discuss the value of well-crafted visualisations and the impact they can have on identifying trends and communi- cating with great impact
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15th November

1 day, 09:00-17:30

Early Bird Rate (before November 8th)

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Claremont Avenue, Glasnevin Dublin 11

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Meet the teachers

Dr. Finn Macleod

Dr. Finn Macleod is a former mathematician with a PhD in predictive complexity. He has built, sold and designed dashboards for clients such as Thomson-Reuters, Formula 1 (via Meshh) and Heineken. Finn and Edward Kibardin (the ex-chief data scientist of Badoo) partner on the project DataRefiner, a hybrid tool that uses deep learning and TDA (topological data analysis) to understand and segment complex data sets.

Ruth Kearney

Ruth is an experienced education designer, facilitator and mentor who has delivered digital and innovation programmes to a broad range of groups from undergrad to executive level. She is passionate about action-based learning and its impact on the individual, team and organisation. Ruth is Director of the Innovation School at Talent Garden Dublin having previously worked in higher ed, creative agency and the start-up world.

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