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Digital Sales and Marketing

Elevate your career by transforming your digital marketing and sales strategies.
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This course has been developed by practising industry experts and is designed to build skills in branding, engagement, real-time content marketing, data-driven decision making and the science behind sales in the age of digital transformation.

You will learn to execute strategies that exploit new business opportunities through the sales function. This involves identifying and qualifying ‘Sweet Spot’ customers and applying practical steps to optimise the sales funnel. Participants learn the importance of taking a data-driven decision-making approach to the discovery and creation of trending content. The course outlines how to drive the marketing and sales functions informed by insights gleaned from analysis of big data. You will master high-level strategies as well as the brilliant basics of performance-based advertising, content marketing and growth hacking.

This practically focused, industry-driven and expert-lead course equips professionals with the skills needed to take their career to the next level.


The course is designed for individuals with a wide range of marketing and sales backgrounds. This includes Digital Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Account Managers, Sales professionals.

This course elevates your career by arming you with the essential hard and soft skills required to deliver high-impact digital marketing and sales strategies.

Apply the science behind the digital sales process
Understand and identify ‘Sweet spot’ customers and the value of strategic business development
Adopt a data-driven decision making approach to your digital strategies (Performance Marketing)
Design and launch effective paid and organic digital marketing campaigns - across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google
Design a Digital Strategy and translate it into an effective Digital Marketing plan
Be familiar with Content and Native Advertising methodologies
Explore the impact of emerging technologies (AI, VR/AR, Blockchain) on the marketing and sales function
Work effectively in multidisciplinary teams within a creative context
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18 weeks

Claremont Avenue, Glasnevin Dublin 11

More Information

Juliana Rodriguez, Cloud Sales Leader at Google and faculty member

Selling is increasingly becoming a science, and when salespeople align their behaviours with the sales funnel or process, their interactions are enriched and so is their effectiveness. Our Digital Sales and Marketing Bootcamp will teach you the science of sales, putting into practice activities that feed the sales funnel and enhance your lead conversion rate.

Meet the faculty teaching this Bootcamp

Juliana Rodriguez

Juliana is a manager, leader but above all, she is a sales star who has learnt her craft with positions in Google, Oracle and Dell. She is driven by improving internal sales processes and the bottom line through becoming more customer-centric and data-driven.

Dr. Finn Macleod

Dr. Finn Macleod is a former mathematician with a PhD in predictive complexity. He has built, sold and designed dashboards for clients such as Thomson-Reuters, Formula 1 (via Meshh) and Heineken.

Ryan Thorpe

Ryan Thorpe is a fintech professional who has lead BD initiatives across UK/IE before moving to European BD Operations. Ryan heads up a number of Marketing projects, including digital marketing initiatives, at Revolut - one of the fastest growing fintechs in the world.

Dr. Declan Tuite

Declan is lecturer and Course Director of the popular Masters in Emerging Media in the School of Communications at DCU. He delivers a broad range of modules and currently teach these on the Multimedia, the MSc. B.A in Communication Studies and B.A. in Journalism.

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