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Refine and hone an authentic leadership style.
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Executive Mindset is a bold new course with a bolder aim; to enhance and bring about a positive change in thinking and behaviour among managers who lead and want to build more creative and collaborative teams in an ultra-competitive digital world. The idea behind this course is that human behaviour is driven by passion. However, our ability to absorb and utilise information is limited. To strive we filter knowledge based on our education, culture, experience and skills. This concept is known as mindset and until recently, been very under-rated as part of the human psyche.

This immersive 1-day course takes executives on a deep-dive into the theory & practice of developing a more authentic leadership mindset, motivating high-performance teams and having greater impact through enhancing your communication skills.


Managers and team leaders looking to refine and hone an authentic leadership style.

This course aims to take you on a journey of understanding your own authentic leadership mindset. Through understanding and learning more about how we lead, our style and philosophy we can help change and implement our company’s strategy, and the behaviour of our colleagues and teams. It is through developing these skills that you can produce strong business results as well as highly rewarding personal and organisational development.

Learn to develop, lead and motivate high-performance teams
Develop a more authentic leadership mindset in order to lead in challenging times
Explore the evolution of high-performance teams and team profiles in order to drive more positive interactions
Understand the power of storytelling and why it’s increasingly seen as a key leadership skill.
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€750 +VAT

Claremont Avenue, Glasnevin Dublin 11

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Prof. Mary Rose Greville, Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour & faculty member

What are the new challenges faced by leaders in this technology-based, organisational world? Our Executive Mindset Masterclass teaches participants the essential skills required to develop, lead and motivate high-performance teams.

Meet the teachers

Neil O’Brien

Neil is a hugely popular motivational speaker on the subjects of Mindset and Mental Fitness. In his engaging and humorous talks, he loves to take the audience out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone.

Prof. Mary Rose Greville

With a background in psychology, Mary-Rose has a particular interest in leadership in changing and ambiguous situations, in building high-performing teams, and in the challenges and rewards of doing both in a multi-cultural environment.

Steve Rawling

Steve is a business coach and international author, specialising in storytelling and creative thinking. As a former BBC TV journalist, Steve reckons he has told around 20,000 stories in his career and so can probably help you tell yours.

Gill Reilly

Gill is an expert when it comes to creating a customer focused experience. She is currently based in Malmö, Sweden, working at IKEA’s Global Headquarters in the Home furnishing Retail Design Department.

Conor McCarthy

From Software Engineer to coach on Seth Godins international altMBA and Bootstrappers Workshops Conor's goal in life is to innovate with others so that together we can move the needle.

Prof. Barry McMahon

Barry is an award winning inventor and innovator in the medical device space. Barry believes that the principals of collaborative innovation should be ubiquitous across community and society and strives every working day to make this a reality.

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