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Master brilliant basics of user experience design and how to create impactful, purposeful and beautiful experiences.
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This 18-week Bootcamp has been designed to teach you the core concepts in UX. You will learn the skills of a UX Designer and apply them across a wide range of platforms such as Web, Mobile, Wearables, AI, AR/VR, Medical, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Gaming. You will leave with the skills needed to conduct UX research, develop hypotheses, validate them using prototypes and run design sprints.

Every week, you’ll do two evening sessions that blend lecture and practical labs to ensure you get practical experience and develop your portfolio to accelerate your career.

The demand for user experience (UX) design skills has never been higher. Increasingly, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Software Engineers and Product Managers need to truly understand their users before they can create the right solution.


Building your design portfolio is important to all designers and getting the opportunity to work with ambitious companies in this space also build a valuable network. This is why we have developed two project components into our Bootcamp. The projects are actual UX Design challenges. One project component is called Bring Your Own Design challenge (BYOD) and is to be sourced by you from within your own work. The other component is the Industry Project sourced by Talent Garden from external industry partners.

Apply end-to-end User Experience principles and research strategies.
Apply specific UX standards, conventions and work practices across a wide range of areas such as Web, Mobile, SaaS, Wearables, Medical and Gaming.
Learn about user testing, cognitive user behaviour and Human-Computer Interaction models.
Conduct UX Audits using current frameworks (journey maps, personas and customer value curves) to articulate the existing customer experience.
Learn about the future of UX on emerging media such as voice, haptics, 360 video, chatbots and the new opportunities and skills required.
Understand the importance of evolving business models and how to collaborate with key stakeholders and customers to drive product direction in a commercial environment.
Design, develop and run collaborative Design Sprint tailored to various contexts.
Build your portfolio, your network and accelerate your design career.
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01/04/2020 - 18/06/2020

12 weeks

Every Wednesday & Thursday evening (18:15 - 21:15)

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Claremont Avenue, Glasnevin Dublin 11

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Key learning areas

Software as a Service

UX design is core to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model as it is built upon key interactions between the user and the product/service. Our Bootcamp takes a deep dive into how to optimize your SaaS user experience and deliver higher adoption rates, lower initial costs, and painless upgrades. Learn about the process of designing SaaS systems, validating product/market fit, UX frameworks and principles, onboarding, UI design, premiumisation of features, right through to creating go to market and customer retention strategies.


Designers have to leverage many forms and styles of media in order to connect with new users and retain existing ones. Learn how to reimagine and redefine for these audiences who will engage with your work. Transmedia goes beyond text, visual and screen elements to explore emergent forms of voice, 360 video, VR and haptics in a design context. This reflects not only on how we design for users but also who will engage and consume our offerings.

Design Sprint

Learn the theory behind what exactly a Design Sprint is and crucially how it has evolved into the world of practice. Learn from industry experts how to run your own sprint and the process involved in fulfilling real user needs. This agile method helps you to see finished products and understand customer reactions before making any expensive commitments. Sprints are a valuable part of any designers toolkit and with the right approach, they enable iterations and interaction with real customers and cross-functional teams, in a short time period.

Design Toolbox

The designer's toolkit is large and forever evolving. We will teach you many tools and most importantly when to use which. Learn about core user-centred methodologies including Design Thinking, Lean UX and Customer Co-Creation practices. Understand how to choose the right prototype and the right level of fidelity. Learn the best interactive prototype tools and understand what Artificial Intelligence holds for the future of UX.

Action Project

Apply your skills and knowledge and expand your portfolio with top-notch organisations including Dublin Airport, Rediscovery Centre, Robotify and Marino Software on the Industry Project. This is where you, your team and the project partner build validated solutions to UX challenges over 6 weeks to deliver actionable results.

Trevor Vaugh, Principal Investigator at Mi:Lab & faculty member

If you want to create better products and services, you must first understand users’ motivations, behaviours and thought processes. Trevor Vaugh, faculty contributor on our UX Design Bootcamp describes how understanding human needs is the primary role of a UX Designer.

Meet the faculty teaching this Bootcamp

Mark Swaine

Mark is an international product thought leader with a UX/CX background, delivering product management and vision to blue chip companies, growth stage companies, tech startups and a VC portfolio. Mark specialises in B2B/B2C SaaS creation for tech start-ups, enterprise B2B/B2C software redesign leading product vision, customer driven product UX and company roadmap processes.

Trevor Vaugh

Trevor is an expert in design-driven innovation process and discovery, and regularly works with public and private organisations in this area. He has developed a number of radical and disruptive surgical innovations, among these, his work on Single Site surgery for Olympus named in the Cleveland Clinics top 10 innovations of 2009.

Dr. Shirley Coyle

Shirley Coyle is a designer, creator and engineer who enjoys tackling innovation challenges. Shirley has a diploma in fashion design and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She founded Common Ground Design in 2018, a consultancy start-up, providing expertise in wearable technology and UX design.

Prof. Barry McMahon

Barry is an award winning inventor and innovator in the medical device space. Barry believes that the principals of collaborative innovation should be ubiquitous across community and society and strives every working day to make this a reality.

Gill Reilly

Gill is an expert when it comes to creating a customer focused experience. She is currently based in Malmö, Sweden, working at IKEA’s Global Headquarters in the Home furnishing Retail Design Department.

Dr. Declan Tuite

Declan is lecturer and Course Director of the popular Masters in Emerging Media in the School of Communications at DCU. He delivers a broad range of modules and currently teach these on the Multimedia, the MSc. B.A in Communication Studies and B.A. in Journalism.

Garrett Sheridan

Garrett is an experienced designer focusing on UX and digital product design. With a background in Multimedia and Design Innovation he has worked across industries including social media news startups, vehicle routing systems, banks and telcos

Steve Rawling

Steve is a business coach and international author, specialising in storytelling and creative thinking. As a former BBC TV journalist, Steve reckons he has told around 20,000 stories in his career and so can probably help you tell yours.

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